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Weight Management in Mesquite

Weight gains and weight issues have become more and more a sign of the times we live in. With the improvement of technology, entertainment and activities can easily be accessed inside. This can prove extremely detrimental towards the development of a child. The early years of life are some of the most important as it helps establish the very foundation of how a child lives. If they are not active and instead spend more time in front of televisions, computers, mobile devices and other forms of technology, it greatly reduces the amount of time they have to play outside. Additionally, diets have changed as well. Portion sizes are larger than ever before and eating right is not always easy. That is why at Tots n Teens Pediatric Clinic we provide weight management in Mesquite. We want to make sure all children grow up healthy and, in order to do this, a healthy weight and healthy lifestyle is a must.

Discovering the Problem

The first step of our weight management in Mesquite service is to look over the current lifestyle of a child. It is important to be completely accurate and truthful in detailing what a child does throughout the day. This includes any sports they participate in, how often they go outside and play, how they interact with friends and how much time they spend sitting in front of a screen. All of this can help with determining the best course of action. Extremely active children can often negate a less than desirable diet. While both in combination with one another is important, a child's metabolism is much higher than an adult, which makes it easier for a child to burn off calories. By altering how much time a child spends outside and the kind of calories they receive, it is possible to improve their weight and take advantage of our weight management in Mesquite service.

Creating a Plan

When creating a weight management plan, it comes down to what sort of activities they should do outside and what kind of diet they should enjoy. First, it begins with exercise. Whether this is playing outside, enjoying a sport or riding a bike, there are plenty of ways to get outside and have fun. Limited the amount of time spent on a gaming system is a must, as well as creating a diet plan as well. All of this can go a long way in setting up a child for the rest of their life.

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