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Sleep Disorders

Sleep is extremely important with regards to the overall health of an individual. Someone who misses out on sleep can develop additional medical conditions, their body does not repair itself as quickly and they appear to age faster. It can also prevent a child from growing and developing properly. Due to this, sleep disorders found in anyone, especially children, need to be properly diagnosed and treated as quickly as possible. Tots n Teens Pediatric Clinic is on hand to work with families and help identify and diagnose the medical conditions a child is going through. From abnormal sleep behavior to circadian rhythm sleep disorders, there are all sorts of issues and conditions a child can develop, each of which has its own set of treatment options.

Abnormal Sleep Behavior Disorders

Some of the more common sleep disorders a child might experience falls under the "Abnormal Sleep Behavior Disorders" classification. This includes nightmares while sleeping, REM behavior disorders, sleep talking and sleepwalking. Nightmares often have a connection with what a child hears, sees on television or reads. This can typically be easy addressed. Also REM issues may have a connection with being over visually stimulated due to watching television or using a computer for too long. The other sleep disorders can be properly diagnoses with the help of the Tots n Teens Pediatric Clinic.

Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders

Children typically do not experience issues with these kinds of sleep disorders but it does happen from time to time. This includes Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders, Delayed Phase Sleep Disorders, Shift Work Disorder, Non-24 Sleep Wake Disorder and several others. Again, while these are not typically seen in children, it can happen from time to time.

Common Child Sleep Disorders

There are other categories of sleep disorders, but when it comes to children, one of the most common is bedwetting. Now, bedwetting is something that happens to children as they learn to control themselves during sleep and shift from using a diaper to using the bathroom. However, there are some children that continue experiencing bedwetting for years, often up until they develop puberty. Beyond this, teeth grinding, periodic limb movements in sleep, allergic reactions while sleeping, ADHD issues with sleep, asthma problems during sleep and several other conditions can develop. All of these can be treated and diagnosed properly with the help of Tots n Teens Pediatric Clinic. So parents should bring their children in if they are suffering sleeping problems.

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