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Sleep Disorders Evaluations and Consultations in Mesquite

For many years now, the Tots N Teens pediatric clinic in Mesquite TX has been committed to treating all of their patients in a caring, child-centered environment. They have developed a well-known reputation for their innovative and knowledgeable treatment of a number of different disorders relating to the childhood experience. If your young child, pre-adolescent or teenager is experiencing some type of health difficulty, then chances are the professionals at our Mesquite clinic are well-equipped to help treat it. One area in which many might be surprised that we treat would be in the realm of sleep issues. We provide sleep disorders evaluation and consultation in Mesquite TX, helping your child to get the rest they need to effectively take on their day.

The first area in which we treat sleep disorders would be in the realm of diagnosis. Our sleep disorders evaluation and consultation in Mesquite TX follows a specific process that is much similar to any other medical concern that your child might have. We start with a general consultation with a medical practitioner where you and your child articulate the symptoms and then our trained experts will then make preliminary suggestions as to what the problem might be. Our trained professionals are very well-versed in sleep disorders and evaluation in Mesquite TX and they know the symptoms and proper treatments for sleepwalking, sleep talking, insomnia, circadian rhythm disorders, delayed phase sleep disorders, non-24 sleep wake disorders or even shift work sleep disorder if your child has a busy school and work schedule.

The second area in which we would approach this difficulty would be in developing a proper treatment procedure. Our process for sleep disorders evaluation and consultation in Mesquite TX begins with the idea that knowledge is power. For example, if your child has an REM behavior disorder then we know that their ability to have "muscle paralysis" or "lie still" while they are sleeping has been compromised. We have a number of sleep disorder treatments in order to help them remain still during their sleep so they cease this unpleasant behavior.

Finally, the professionals at our clinic also provide follow-up measures in order to ensure that the child is performing better during their sleep times. During our consultation, we discuss the areas that have improved for your child and what adjustments may need to be necessary. You can trust our sleep disorders evaluation and consultation in Mesquite TX to help meet all of your child's sleep needs so that they can properly rest.

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