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Signs & Symptoms of ADD ⁄ ADHD

Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder seem to be diagnosed more than ever, but it is difficult to recognize the symptoms of ADHD or ADD in very young children. Even older children often display the type of active, impatient and unthinking actions that are a hallmark of the condition, whether they have it or not. The key is to notice whether your child or teenager shows a pattern of this type of behavior that is both frequent and long-lasting. If you are concerned, a conversation with your doctor is the best way to ensure that your child gets any help they might need. These are the three main signs you should look for.


Most young children have difficulty paying attention sometimes, especially in situations like school. As children enter school and get older, however, their ability to focus, follow rules and remember their commitments should gradually improve. Children or teens showing symptoms of ADHD may continue to have difficulty organizing themselves and remembering assignments or even daily tasks. These children are also more easily distracted than others, even by small things. Their schoolwork may seem careless if they have difficulty focusing on the work and its details.


Most very young children are quite active, but they are able to sit still for longer as they get older. One of the most well-known symptoms of ADHD is hyperactivity, which often manifests simply as difficulty sitting still. Younger children may refuse to sit or play quietly at all; they will appear to be constantly talking, running and moving. Older children will fidget, squirm or talk when they are seated, and may appear to be always restless.


Acting impulsively is demonstrated in a lack of patience, difficulty waiting or taking turns, interrupting or speaking at inappropriate times, and making risky decisions. Although these are the actions of most young children, those who have ADHD may seem unable to learn to control themselves. Very bad or dangerous choices that occur very frequently or such frequent and severe impatience that it interferes with the child's abilities to interact with other children are symptoms of ADHD that parents should be aware of.

Children diagnosed with ADHD may need treatment, which can include behavioral therapy, medication or other options. Working with an expert in the field can help your child not only manage the condition, but also use their strengths, such as high energy, to be successful in learning and life skills.

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