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Hearing & vision screening in Mesquite

Under Texas Department of State Health Services, hearing and vision screening in Mesquite is a legal requirement for every child who is being enrolled in a school or licensed child-care center or home in Texas for the first time. This law applies every year to children who will be turning four years old and joining a kindergarten and those who will be joining a school or care facility for the first time and are four years old and above right up to 12th Grade age. They should be checked within 120 days of admission. Those who are in first, third, fifth and seventh grade have to be checked within the school year, preferably within the first semester.

It is also a requirement of the Texas Department of State Health Service that learning and care institutions submit annual child vision and hearing screening activities online by 30th June of every year.

Vision Screening

To screen children for vision problems, a distance acuity test for both eyes has to be recorded in the format of 20/20, 20/30 and so on. Testing is done with approved charts. This are;

Children aged five years and above may have photo screening done on them. It can also be done on children with disabilities who do not have a good response to permitted screening methods. Where an automated screening device is used for testing, a pass or fail result must be recorded. Apart from basic tests, there is the option to do muscle balance tests like cover-uncover and Hirschberg corneal light reflex tests.

Hearing screening

With screening for possible hearing problems, a test known as pure-tone audiometric test is done. Each ear is tested and the results recorded separately. This test is done at an intensity of 25 dB or less with precise frequencies, namely 1000, 2000 and 4000 Hertz.

Hearing and vision screening in Mesquite

If you live in or around Mesquite, Texas bring your child to Tots 'n' Teens Mesquite Pediatric Clinic. The clinic caters to children from newborns to 21-year olds. As part of the Well Baby care program, we conduct the required vision and hearing tests.

Even before children reach school-going age or go into a care facility, we perform these and other tests to ensure they are developing normally and reaching milestones as expected. With these checks, potential problems with vision or hearing will be caught early and addressed. Part of our baby hearing and vision screening in Mesquite programs includes seeing if children respond to sounds like clapping in both ears and if they can see and reach for or respond to objects as they should if their vision is normal. If there is need, a child undergoes more tests to correct problems early enough. It is sad to see a child have poor sight or hearing where routine hearing and vision screening in Mesquite is available and would have resolved the problem.

Do you want to know more about hearing & vision screening in
? Feel free to contact Tots N Teens Clinic at 972-285-0838.