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Growth and Development monitoring in Mesquite

It is important that children are monitored right from birth to ensure that they are growing and developing normally. Tots 'n' Teens Pediatric Clinic offers child growth and development monitoring in Mesquite through the Well Baby Clinic.

Growth and development is monitored by clinicians who check that children are reaching milestones as expected in relation to their age. This include sitting at six months, walking at nine to twelve months and speaking a few words by the age of two years. It is important to know that milestones are general rather than specific markers which means that there is a lot of variation in how individual babies develop with some reaching milestones sooner than others.

Parents tend to compare their children to others in the same age and get concerned when the other child can do things that their child cannot do. Periodic growth and development monitoring in Mesquite will alleviate such fears and concerns and ensure a child is on track. Pediatricians check the full range of a child's development including their cognitive, physical and social-emotional development. They talk and play with the child to see how they move, behave and generally respond.

If any development delays are found, then a child goes through developmental screening. To this end, Tots 'n' Teens clinic treats children for problems like sleep disorders, asthma and allergies, ADHD and weight management.

It is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics that children are screened for developmental delays and disabilities at nine months, 18 months and 24 or 30 months. A child may need additional screening if they at high risk for developmental problems such as if they were born preterm or with a low birth weight. At Tots 'n' Teens, we adhere to this guideline with our growth and development monitoring in Mesquite.

This guideline was given because it was found that a lot of children had developmental delays that were not being identified early. In the US, about 13% of children aged 3 to 17 years have a development or behavioral disability like intellectual disability, ADHD and autism. A lot of children also have delays in speech and language development which affects school entrance. When problems are identified late, treatment is often more difficult. In some cases, the opportunity to treat is missed completely.

It has been proven through research that early intervention treatment help newborns to children aged 3 years to learn important skills. To this end, Tots 'n' Teens offer comprehensive growth and development monitoring in Mesquite and specialist clinics to handle development problems.

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