A frenotomy, also known as frenulotomy or frenulectomy, is a procedure in which the lingual frenulum is cut. The frenulum is a small fold of tissue that extends from the floor of the mouth to the underside of the tongue. The proper development of the frenulum starts in utero and continues after the child is born. In a perfect world, the frenulum will attach underneath the tongue at the midpoint. However, in some cases, this attachment may be too thick, short, or tight. When this occurs, the condition is known as ankyloglossia, or tongue-tied.

If it is discovered that an infant has this condition, we can treat it at any of our three Tots N Teens Pediatrics locations with a frenotomy. However, adults with this condition are often left untreated, unless of course, it is interfering with the normal function of the tongue. At Tots N Teens Pediatrics, we are dedicated to helping our patients understand the services and procedures they may need in order to live a healthy and fulfilled life. If your child is born with ‘tongue-tie’, please contact us for more information about your options.