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Children Snoring

When a parent overhears their child snoring, they often immediately wonder if it is normal and then start Googling it all over the Internet. Problem with performing Internet searches on medical problems is a dozen different answers come up. Some of these answers are accurate while others are completely off and not given by professionals. The fact of the matter is snoring occurs in people of all ages, genders and races. While it is more common in adults, children snoring. is not uncommon. It just comes down to what causes the snoring and how it can be avoided and corrected.

What is Snoring?

Snoring occurs with the muscles in the throat relax and the tongue falls backwards in the mouth. This creates a kind of floppy vibration along the throat which creates the snoring noise. When someone breathes the side of the mouth vibrates. The vibrations are more significant when breathing in. With the tongue back in the mouth it can cause the airway to narrow. This forces the air to push through in a small area, which in turn results in a the snoring vibration.

Symptoms of Snoring

It is possible a child snores and nobody hears it. If a child sleeps on a different floor from the parents or across the hall and can't be heard, some symptoms point to the possibility of snoring. This includes daytime sleepiness, weight gain, morning headaches, Not feeling rested when waking up and a change in the level of attention during the day.

What Causes Snoring

The top cause behind snoring is aging as the muscles in the throat start to loosen up. This usually is not the culprit when it comes to children snoring. Some anatomical abnormalities may cause snoring, such as an enlarged tonsil or even nasal polyps. Sleep positions can cause snoring (people who sleep on their back are more likely to suffer snoring). Additionally, if a child is on medication which includes muscle relaxants, it can cause snoring. The medical professionals at Tots n Teens Pediatric Clinic can help determine the exact cause.


There are different treatments available for a children snoring. Some lifestyle changes can be implemented, such as a change in sleep position. Surgery to remove the tonsils and even some medication or appliances may be necessary to treat it. However, most children snoring issues are outgrown over time and should not be deemed as serious.

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